St Luke's Church

Meets every Sunday at 10.30am at 61 Aylsham Road, Norwich NR3 2HF

inside st lukes

Rev Sarah Quantrill

Sunday Service
St Luke's is a relaxed and inclusive church for people of all ages. On any given Sunday there could be anything from 60-90 people at one of our services.
We have a worship band that leads us in singing, as well as readings and liturgy led from the front.
There is always a sermon, and a slot with a song for the children.
The atmosphere is informal with the emphasis being on connecting with God and each other,
Every other week there is a Communion service.

Children's Groups
We have a programme for children that comprises:
4-6 group
7-9 group
10+ group
These groups meet every Sunday, except where there is a 'Family Service' (about every 6 weeks) when everyone comes together for the service.

St Luke's also has its own website at


Nicholas Vesey, 06/03/2012