Exploring the male journey together

The Norwich Christian Meditation Centre has launched a programme for Men in and around the Norwich area.

Soul Brothers’ is a group formed out of the experience of those learning from the American Franciscan Richard Rohr’s teaching on the role of men within a spiritual context.
Men are often characterised as shying away from expressing emotions, or talking about feelings.  When this happens there is often a negative impact on our relationships and our health.  Soul Brothers aims to facilitate emotional and spiritual growth in men, leading to more fulfilled lives and emotionally mature relationships.
At the moment it is envisaged that there will be a large group meeting once every couple of months, with an opportunity to be a part of a smaller group of men (about 10) that could meet more regularly.
Everyone is welcome, and all views are respected within a context of mutual growth and encouragement.
The Programme is being facilitated by Nicholas Vesey, Robert Black and Graeme Malcolm, all of whom have experience of workshops run in conjunction with Richard Rohr's organisation.
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