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 Upcoming Events 
Morning Worship
11:00am Sunday 29 November, St Augustine's Church Hall
Morning Worship
11:00am Sunday 6 December, St Augustine's Church Hall
Holy Communion
11:00am Sunday 13 December, St Augustine's Church Hall
Alternative Carol Service
11:00am Sunday 20 December, St Augustine's Church Hall
Midnight Communion
11:15pm Thursday 24 December - Friday 25 December, St Augustine's Church
Joint service at St...
10:30am Sunday 27 December, St Luke's
Morning Worship
11:00am Sunday 3 January, St Augustine's Church Hall
Holy Communion
11:00am Sunday 10 January, St Augustine's Church Hall
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IconSmallThe Norwich Christian Meditation Centre is an expression of

St Augustine’s church, Norwich. Our definition of meditation is

‘the simple enjoyment of truth’, a term first coined by Thomas Aquinas. We are a Christ-centred community and our aim is to develop our spirituality within a contemporary context. We understand spirituality as "the cultivation of a sensitive and rewarding relationship with eternal truth and love” (Rowan Williams).

Monthly Meditation for Peace
Information about our monthly meditation at St Luke's led by with Denise Treissman More ...
Nicholas Vesey
Midnight Communion
Midnight Communion by Candlelight on Christmas Eve
Join us at 11.30pm in St Augustine's Old Church More ...
Tim Lenton
Report on Edwina Gateley in Norwich
Read Diana Cooke's report on the workshop held in October 2013 More ...
Nicholas Vesey
Cosmic Mass
Report on the Cosmic Mass held on June 2nd 2013
Click here for the report, picture and a script of the event. More ...
Nicholas Vesey
Dave T book
Report on Dave Tomlinson Event
Ken Barrell gives him imporession of Dave Tomlinson's visit to us on Saturday 23rd February More ...
Nicholas Vesey
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The Christ Consciousness Community
Information about our new weekly community aimed at those interested in looking at Christianity from a mystical perspective. More ...
Nicholas Vesey
cyp speaking
Report on 'Awakened Consciousness' Workshop with Cyprian Consiglio
Joy Croft gives a report on our last conference More ...
Nicholas Vesey
Archbishop of Canterbury: Meditation is the key to living in this insane world.
Read the full text of the Archbishop's addresses to Vatican synod of bishops here More ...
Nicholas Vesey
Report on Martin Laird's event 2012
Interviews Articles and Reviews of 'Developing Consciousness'
Report on James Finley Event September 2011
Listen to Dave Tomlinson's Conference 'Re-enchanting Christianity' for Free
Report on Soul Brothers 'Field Day'
Conference Report on 'The Christian Experience of Enlightenment'
Beckford sees 'Revelations' as a political book
John Bell opens doors for many
Sunday services
What is Ambient Wonder?
Meeting the community at St Augustine's
Norwich Christian Meditation Centre
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- David Austin (Guest), Sat 7 Feb, 12:56pm
Archbishop of Canterbury: Meditation is the key to living in this insane world.
Nicholas Vesey's Homepage
Nicholas Vesey, Wed 31 Dec, 6:36pm
Paintings Created at the Cosmic Mass
Kiplagat (Guest), Thu 9 Jan, 11:49pm
Report on our event with Cyprian Consiglio
ben cohen (Guest), Tue 19 Feb, 2:30pm